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Southern Company Nuclear Engineer/Physicist (Seeking All-Levels) in Columbia, Alabama

Nuclear Engineer/Physicist (Seeking All-Levels)


Nuclear Fuel and Analysis / Reactor Engineering – Nuclear Engineer/Physicist (Seeking All-Levels)


This position is for a Nuclear Engineer assigned to Southern Nuclear Company’s (SNC) Nuclear Fuel & Analysis department, located at the corporate headquarters in Birmingham, AL, or Reactor Engineering at one of our 3 nuclear reactor sites, Plant Farley, Plant Vogtle, or Plant Hatch.

The Nuclear Fuel & Analysis department includes BWR Fuel Engineering, PWR Fuel Engineering, and Safety Analysis teams. SNC's corporate Fuel Engineering departments are responsible for nuclear fuel and core design, core management, operational support, reload safety analysis, and reload licensing to support our BWR and PWR nuclear units. SNC’s corporate Safety Analysis provides plant support through performing analyses such as evaluations of containment response, radiological releases, and transient analyses on the entire SNC fleet of BWRs and PWRs associated with assumed accidents and events to ensure compliance. These roles permit an exceptional level of utility ownership and technical depth and are an excellent development opportunity for individual professional growth. SNC’s Nuclear Fuel & Analysis department also offers outstanding opportunities for innovation in the realm of nuclear fuel and core design.

The Reactor Engineering department provides technical direction regarding the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of reactor cores and nuclear fuel. Reactor Engineers deal daily with issues concerning nuclear fuel and reactor operation. They are responsible for optimal core performance, core physics tests, fuel performance, and special nuclear material accountability. Typical duties include monitoring core performance and reactivity control; direction and on-site support to ensure safe core loading, alterations, and power operation, plant startups, and major power changes; performing core physics surveillance testing; providing engineering support to resolve problems in and improve the long-term reliability of the fuel handling, dry fuel storage, and nuclear instrumentation systems. Reactor Engineers at SNC may have opportunities to manage special projects and for future developmental assignments in operations, training, or quality assurance to prepare for supervisory and management positions.


Education :

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from an ABET accredited college OR Professional Engineer (P.E.) license/certification required OR

  • Accredited undergraduate degree in an Applied Science, Mathematics, AND a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from an ABET accredited program.

(Note: The position title will be determined based on individual’s educational qualifications.)

Experience :

The following experience is required:

  • Nuclear power plant or related industrial experience.

The following experiences are highly desired:

  • Experience with applications of BWR or PWR reactor physics.

  • Experience with BWR or PWR fuel and core design, and AOO analysis.

  • Experience with FSAR Chapter 6 and 15 safety analyses.

  • Experience associated with the systems, design, and analysis of entire SNC nuclear fleet of BWRs.

  • Experience in reactor engineering at BWR or PWR.

(Note: The position title will be determined based on individual’s experience level.)

Desired Skills:

  • An ability to solve complex problems and make sound, timely engineering decisions, based upon experience, appropriate industry practices, and sound engineering principles that might impact plant safety and reliability.

  • Ability to manage and implement nuclear engineering analysis and technical programs, and to make technical decisions within accountabilities.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including presentation skills.

  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment.

Desired Behavioral Attributes:

  • Unquestionable Trust: Honesty, respect, fairness, and integrity drive behaviors. Keeps promises and has ethical behavior as a standard.

  • Superior Performance: Dedicated to superior performance and sets high expectations. Priorities are safety first, teamwork, diversity, and continuous improvement through leadership.

  • Total Commitment: Committed to success of employees, customers, and shareholders and to citizenship and stewardship.

  • Initiative: Self-starter who demonstrates initiative and the ability to work independently.

  • Accountability: Holds himself/herself accountable for business results and behaviors, meeting commitments.


BWR or PWR Fuel Engineer: Coordinate, direct and/or perform reactor physics analyses required to load, license, and operate a nuclear reactor core. Execute, and/or collaborate with the fuel vendor, the modeling, selecting inputs, and validating outputs for the reload design and licensing documentation. Monitor core operations to ensure exposure and licensing assumptions are met. Manage cycle reload process for reload meetings, special assignments, exposure accounting, cycle management reports and control blade/component management. Perform analysis and vendor oversight to support storage of spent nuclear fuel in wet and dry storage in accordance with applicable regulations and licensing documents. Governance, oversight, and support for site implementation of spent fuel strategies. Develop long term fuel storage strategies and projections. Perform governance and oversight of special nuclear material control and accountability. Participate in formulating strategic decisions and recommendations that impact key technical issues across the organization. May serve as a member of the Emergency Response Organization.

Safety Analysis Engineer: This position is responsible for performance and oversight of engineering and technical products associated with the design and licensing basis hazards, accidents, and safety analyses for the SNC fleet. These analyses are conducted to demonstrate the plants operate within acceptable safety limits and design margins following design and licensing basis events. Types of analyses include evaluations of containment response, radiological releases, and transient analyses associated with assumed accidents and events to ensure regulatory compliance. May serve as a member of the Emergency Response Organization.

Reactor Engineering: Managing and completing assigned activities to support timely implementation of required plant operations. Interfacing with customers to identify needs and providing engineering solutions to facilitate operational effectiveness. Monitoring reactor core operation and performing applicable testing, including start-up physics testing. Developing reactivity plans for power maneuvers. Providing control room support during power changes and advising Operations on reactor operations. Interfacing with and coordinating activities performed by internal and external engineering organizations and consulting service companies. Supporting / Performing new fuel receipt and tracking special nuclear material. Preparing and reviewing procedures associated with reactor core operation and nuclear fuel management. May serve as a member of the Emergency Response Organization.


Job Field: Engineering

Job Type: Standard

Primary Location: Alabama-Metro Birmingham/Eastern AL-Birmingham

Operating Company: Southern Nuclear Operating Co

Other Locations: Georgia-East Georgia-Waynesboro, Georgia-Central Georgia-Baxley, Alabama-South Alabama-Columbia

Job Type: Standard

Travel (Up to...): Yes, 25 % of the Time

Work Location(s):

The Energy Center - 3535 Colonnade Parkway (3535Birmingham)

3535 Colonnade Parkway

Birmingham, 35243

Plant Vogtle - 7821 River Road (7821WAYNESBORO)

7821 River Road

Waynesboro, 30830

Plant Hatch - 11028 Hatch Parkway, North (11028BAXLEY)

11028 Hatch Parkway, North

Baxley, 31513

Plant Farley - 7388 North State Hwy 95 (7388COLUMBIA)

7388 North State Hwy 95

Columbia, 36319

Plant Vogtle 3 & 4 - 7825 River Road (7825WAYNESBORO)

7825 River Road


Req ID: SNC2007054